The Value of Generations


My daughter woke up early this morning and crawled into bed with me. I looked at her button nose...sleeping like a little angel. I often pray for her in times like this. She loves us so much and depends on us and it just got me to thinking about my own mother and it progressed to her relationship as a grandmother.


I have seen her powerfully speak into my daughter's life and at times she has more of an influence than even me. My daughter absolutely is head over heals in love with her. It is a special relationship and one I value.


It was extremely early and I couldn't go back to sleep. I then began to replay a conversation I had with my husband the night before. Were were talking about how our diet really affects simple things like digestion and overall feeling of wellness. How we need to be more careful that we eat whole grains and to not take lightly eating junk food. The conversation progressed to being healthy for our kids so they don't have to worry about us as we get older.


Health is not just about us. That actually takes off some of the pressure of trying to capture our youth. Health is more than that. There are people in our lives that depend on us and need us around. Our future grandchildren are going to look up to us, just like my daughter looks up to my mom.


I want to be healthy so that I can speak into my grandchildren's life. Sometimes it is hard to be motivated when you are focused on the moment, but if you know every decision you make now affects not only your future but everyone in your life it helps to see outside the box.  I don't know about you but that motivates me.


Have you had some one from the generation before you positively affect you?


Does eating right and exercising for future generations motivate you?


Our focus at The Fit Girls is "health, not vanity". I hope we can all motivate each other as women to live a healthy life and to do it in a positive way.



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The Muffin Top Mood Ring


Tummies are like mood rings. They change when your body changes. Ever feel like you have a flat stomach one day and then a spare tire the next? I don't know if it is from having children, or being in my 30's but my tummy has a personality of its own and sometimes I just don't like her. 


I was at my child's gymnastics class today and saw my reflection in the mirror and my stomach waved at me. I tell you no lie. I was feeling really trim, strutting my stuff and my muffin top humbled me.  


"Why are you here and when are you going to leave?" I asked her. She only replied, "I am in town for a while and I plan to follow no house rules and will make you terribly uncomfortable." Yes, I love her because I am called to love but she tries my every patience.


Seriously though, I invited her in because my water intake is down this week and I ate my child's salty crackers (don't tell the kid). I also added fresh veggies to the mix. She also stops on by more now than ever. She loves that I have had children because there is more room and I am older and more comfortable.


What else makes her come around?:





Lack of fiber

Lack of exercise

White breads and other processed foods



I think I will laugh at her a little. I plan to flush her out with 64 ounces of water and will put away the crackers that she loves and will continue to eat my veggies. She will get bored of me soon... that I will make sure of. 

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