"An Angel Trapped in Marble" - Michelangelo


Why are we doing all of this? Why do we care about our body? Isn't there more to life than just our flesh?                                                   


Last night I went to an amazing Chris Tomlin concert with my husband and friends. It was so great to step away and not think about the details of my life. This week I have tried to gain perspective on what my true focuses are. Fitness and this site to encourage women is obviously important to me, but I really felt the need to put more time and energy into my faith, husband and children.

In doing so, I was able to look objectively at my approach to this site and remember the true motivation when creating it. It is not just about getting the physical body we all want, but about becoming the person trapped within.

How does fitness become a deeper meaning in our life? Not just about our flesh, but about becoming  the woman that we were created to be? As Michelangelo once stated about his sculpture, "An Angel trapped in marble."

How  can it be used to conquer obstacles? I truly believe the physical act of disciplined exercise teaches us how far we can go in other areas. Once you complete something a light bulb comes on and you know the next time hardship comes your way that you are stronger than before.

Fitness can tie into all aspects of your life. That is why this former sedentary person in her youth is so excited by it. I know it will not complete me and there is more to life than just my body, but I also know how far I can go in all things and that I was created to not live scared or limited. 

I hope the same for you whether you are struggling in this area or you are a marathon running, working out machine. This is for everybody.


How has the act of exercise showed you your true strength?

Have you ever been able to accomplish something because you have had success with exercise?






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No Shame or Guilt, Just A Little Needed Fun

I was talking to a friend about saying the word "Should". "I should have done this and I should have done that". She commented, "When you say it, you become a judge of yourself when that is not your place." I thought that was really insightful. You mean it is none of my business to beat myself up? I like that.                                                                                    


We all at some time or another end up beating ourselves up with our thoughts because we didn't work out this week or over indulged and the temptation is to give up. The truth is that we are farther ahead now than before. My approach to fitness is this: You start small. You build up strength and courage. There is no guilt. If you fall get back up and try again. My favorite is HAVE FUN.


Why should fitness be this dreaded boogie man? Why should any of us feel worse about ourselves than before we started?


I hope this site and Facebook page is not only a site to discuss our success, but our humble trials. We are wives, mothers, workers, cooks, house keepers, answer finders, key finders, shoe finders...busy, often over worked, awesome women. Yes, we will have a bad week or a bad season but we must press on and not take our failures too seriously. We don't have to be perfect.


Mr. Rogers put it very well, "It's important to give up - maybe daily - the old longing to be perfect.... Of course, I think we want it so strongly because we reason that if we are perfect, if we do a perfect job, we will be perfectly lovable... What a heavy burden. Thank God we don't have to earn every bit of love that comes our way."


Are you needing to hush that inner judge and have more grace for yourself?

Do you need to have a little fun with fitness?

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Home Workout Video Survival Guide

"Ouch! Crunch! Down for the count. You have just felt a pain in your knee, your back, or your shoulders that you know is not normal. That last rotational side lunge or push up has tweaked your joint and now you either have to see a doctor or you are out of commission for a while.                                                













There are a lot of high intensity videos out there that for someone coming out of being sedentary or just having a baby put you at risk for injury. I am going to be honest, I am concerned as a trainer. I have seen a lot of videos that have exercises that are for more advanced levels. It does not mean to not do them, but you need to A.) find the appropriate video for your level and to B.) learn how to prepare your body for these types of exercises.

The first 3-4 months with a client I work on correcting muscle imbalances. Say for example, your adductor (or inner thigh) muscle is tight, it pulls your knee inward which puts it in a vulnerable position. Do a side lunge or squat with this imbalance and you are likely to get hurt.


Here are some of the things you can do to protect yourself:


Learn about SMR (Self Myofascial Release). Ever visit a massage therapist and get a pressure point massage? You can do it to your self. I know that sounds painful, but most of us have knots in our major muscles that tug on our joints. Doing SMR helps break them up and is a must if you are training hard. Here is a link to learn more: http://thefitgirls.com/selfmyofascialrelease.aspx


Stop the video after the warm up and do your own stretches. Most videos don't do a stretching routine for lack of time and if they do, it is too short and not really going to help you. Here is a link to my guide on stretching: http://thefitgirls.com/gettingstarted.aspx


Find the appropriate level for you. Because of wanting to help you burn the most amount of calories in the smallest amount of time, most videos compete to help you "Shred" and "Sweat" and "Burn". Long term studies are finding these are not self sustaining options anymore and buyers stop a couple of months into a routine because of injury or burn out. Why not start smaller and build up the stamina you need to sustain your activities? My favorite workout video as a trainer is, believe it or not, Gunnar Peterson's "Core Secrets". He uses terminology that I like to hear, "proper form". He is an amazing trainer, especially for beginners, and with just a stability ball and weights he creates a circuit that is intense but not too crazy. http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&search-alias=dvd&ref=dp_dvd_bl_act&field-keywords=Gunnar%20Peterson


A lot of women don't like the gym and get their workouts done in the privacy of their own home. I love to do this, as well. I encourage you to keep on what you are doing, but try the SMR and stretching routines and re-evaluate if your routine is right for you.


Keep safe, get in shape, and be who you were called to be!


Was this relevant to you?

Have you ever fallen victim to a high-intensity routine?

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