Cardiovascular training is a must when wanting to achieve optimal health and plays a huge part in weight loss.


In a recent conversation with a friend who just joined the gym they mentioned that they use the fat burning zone on the elliptical. They have a lot of great tools on the cardio machines. The only problem is not a lot of people know how to utilize them in their workouts.


You have to know where you are at and for many beginners, training too intensly too soon can actually put you at risk for burnout and put too much stress on your heart. Success comes from slowly training your body. It is sustainable and really makes it more fun.


I want to share with you how to find your starting place. Using a Target Heart Rate calculator is a must. Let me first start with talking about the different levels:




Exercise at 60-75% of your Heart Rate Max.


This stage is for beginners who have not been working out. You need to start slow and build up to 30-60 minutes of exercise. For some, this might mean 5 minutes at first. When you are able to sustain 30 minutes, 3-5 days a week you are ready for the next level.




Exercise at 80-85% of your Heart Rate Max.

This is for people who have a good cardiorespiratory base and are able to go back and forth between the Beginning level (60-75% of your HR Max) and Intermediate level (80-85% of HR Max).

A training session would lool like something like this:


5 minutes at 60-75%

1 minute at 80-85%

5 minutes at 60-75%

1 minute at 80-85%

5 minutes at 60-75%

1 minute at 80-85%





Exercise at 86-90% of your Heart Rate Max.


This is for advanced clients and should not be used if you are at the Beginning and Intermediate levels. It can cause serious health related injuries.


I share this level for those of you that go to the gym and use this type of level on your cardio equipment. You need to be properly trained to perform such levels. Please seek assistance from a trainer or physician if interested in these levels.

Max Heart Rate = ?
60% to 75% of your Max Heart Rate = ?
80% to 85% of your Max Heart Rate = ?
86% to 90% of your Max Heart Rate = ?


Cardio is a must when wanting to reach optimal health and weight loss. Training correctly can help you to see the results you want faster while also properly building your endurance. We want to be doing this for the long haul, so do it right and you will enjoy the process.